Roosters in China given salmon ‘glasses’ to stop fighting violation out

About 400 roosters have been propitious with blinkers during a plantation in northeast China to stop them fighting and murdering any other, according to a news website report.

The step has been taken during an orchard in Helong encampment in Liaoning province, reported.

Neighbours joked that a roosters seemed “cultivated” and intelligent as they demeanour like they are wearing glasses.

The owners of a farm, Li Deyang, hopes a blinkers will quell charge and cut a series of animals killed in fights by restricting a birds’ vision.

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The blinkers were bought on an e-commerce website in several sizes so any rooster can have opposite pairs as they grow, a news said.

People have driven from circuitously villages to get a steer of a blinkered poultry, according to a article.

The rancher pronounced there was no need to put blinkers on hens as they occasionally fought with any other.

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