Sarah Lee ditches Rio beating and sets sights on Tokyo 2020 – if she can still cut it

Hong Kong’s cycling favourite Sarah Lee Wai-sze has fast put a beating of a Rio Olympics behind her and announced she will go to Tokyo in 2020.

Cruelly attacked of a possibility to win a award in her favourite keirin eventuality since of a crash, Lee was inconsolable and artificial after being beaten by Kristina Vogel in a sprint.

But Lee, 29, detected a passion still browns and she has unprepared business, desiring she would have won china during slightest in a keirin.

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“I wish to go to a Olympics for a third time. we have such a hope,” she said.

But Lee has set a condition before determining either she competes in Tokyo – she wants to safeguard she still has what it takes to win a medal.

“I will have to see if we unequivocally have a possibility (in winning a medal). If we feel that we don’t have a chance, we would remove my direction.

“If that’s a case, we would rather do something else that we like. we need to have something in my life that we feel ardent about, that we don’t feel sleepy doing it,” she said.

She also pronounced that if she felt that one day she mislaid her passion for cycling, it would be time to retire.

“But we am still ardent right now,” she said.

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“Before we came here (to Rio), we thought, ‘are some people crazy to adequate to wish to contest in a Olympics for 4 times?’ It was my second Olympics usually and it was so tough we didn’t wish to do it again.

“But after we competed my second Olympics, we felt that a second time was a lot opposite than a initial time,” she pronounced with glow in her eyes.

Lee pronounced she could not be some-more unapproachable of herself for achieving something else – ordering people from all walks of life in a divided city and pushing some-more to caring about sport.

“I spent a prolonged time looking during a (social media) comments, people did not usually tell me to hearten up. “They left me really prolonged messages. Many people pronounced that we have joined a people of Hong Kong.

That’s something we have always wanted to do. we have always wanted to use competition to combine a people,” Lee pronounced in Rio.

“I didn’t design so many people to caring about me. we am really surprised.”

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She stressed with a grin that it did not meant she was not a tough lady usually since she strew tears during a Olympics.

Lee has been praised for her sportsmanship after a crash. Not usually did she not censure Australian Anna Meares, she embraced her when she came adult opposite a Australian cyclist again following a crash.

She pronounced she had even designed to accommodate adult with Meares before she left Rio, nonetheless it did not work out.

“I wish that we will get to know any other more. We have had a lot of lustful memories together. we have famous her for a prolonged time. She’s a four-time Olympian and, in fact, her story has an impact on me,” Lee pronounced of a 32-year-old Meares.

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