Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect kicks off three-week exam forward of Nov launch

Hong Kong and Shenzhen batch exchanges will start a three-week systems exam on Monday to ready for a launch of a new cross-border share trade couple between a cities, that could go live as early as Nov 21.

The test, regulating from Oct 17 to Nov 9, outlines a poignant step in a new Stock Connect intrigue that will concede general investors to trade 880 Shenzhen listed bonds while mainland investors will be authorised to trade 417 Hong Kong stocks.

“All stockbrokers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen scheming to trade regulating a Stock Connect intrigue will need to join a three-week testing,” Benny Mau, authority of Hong Kong Securities Association, told South China Morning Post.

The contrast would be run within normal trade hours, though will be conducted around a apart system.

“This is to make certain normal trade will not be influenced by a test,” he said. “Each day opposite aspects of trade will be tested, including fixation orders, executing cranky limit trades, receiving trade and corporate information, doing division payments or bursting of shares,” he added.

Mau pronounced identical contrast was hold before to a launch of a existent Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect launched in 2014, to give brokers a transparent thought of how it works.

If problems do stand up, afterwards another week could be combined to a exam period, he added..

“However, we trust a new batch couple should still be launched on Nov 21, if all goes smoothly.”

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing arch executive Charles Li Xiaojia final Thursday pronounced a bond intrigue will be introduced in a Monday after midst November, indicating Nov 21 as a probable date.