Stories emerge from China floods

The photos shows a diary created by an eight-year-old boy, in that he writes of blank and worrying about his father as he assimilated a swamp service effort. [Photo/Weibo]

A relocating diary entrance during swamp relief

An eight-year-old boy’s diary, in that he writes of blank and worrying about his father as he assimilated a swamp service effort, has overwhelmed his father’s heart and those of others.

Yang Zhenyu, conduct of a Danyang Police Station in Maanshan, East China’s Anhui province, has been operative on a frontline during swamp service efforts given Jun 30, when continual sleet caused dangerous flooding in a Huajin River.

Yang’s son wrote a diary entrance on Wednesday with a pretension “I worry about you, Dad,” internal news website reported.

“Flood can hit down houses, swamp cities and leave lots of people homeless. Can my father pass by a barrier? we worry about him,” a son wrote.

“I have no seen him for 7 days, since he is a military officer. Dad, we worry about you, strengthen yourself.”

Yang pronounced he was changed a lot when his mother sent a duplicate of a diary entrance to him on his mobile phone. He pronounced he was contemptible for not going home, though he would quarrel a floods.

In a past week, Yang has been operative to immigrate people, patrolling dykes and progressing sequence during a shelters.

He pronounced he was too bustling to go home, and that he could usually make some brief phone calls, a few mins a day. He told his family that he harm his waist in a tumble during service work several days ago, that caused his son to worry about him.

Yang said, in his son’s view, a father, as a military officer, was a super favourite and invincible, though now that a floods harm him, a son felt frustrated.

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