Stray bombs fall on Chinese villages as fighting breaks out in Myanmar border towns

Fierce fighting broke out in northern Myanmar villages bordering China early on Sunday, and stray bombs fell across the border into Chinese towns, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

Ethnic militant forces started fighting with the Myanmar military in the early hours of Sunday in the northern Shan state, a restive region that has long suffered from ethnic rebel insurgencies.

The fighting killed two civilians in Myanmar and is another blow to civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s hopes to forge a nationwide peace agreement after years of war, AFP reported.

Gunfire broke out in several villages in the area, including Mong Ko and Kyu Kok, at around 2.40am and lasted later into the morning, CCTV reported. Gunshots could be heard by residents of the Chinese border town of Wanding, Yunnan province.

Authorities in Wanding have activated an emergency response mechanism, and deployed more armed police on the border to maintain order.

Myanmar apologises for bombs that killed five in China’s Yunnan province

Chinese villagers said stray bombs had fallen on the Chinese side of the border, and one villager reported that the water tank of a solar water heater on his roof was pierced.

Some injured Myanmar civilians were rushed to hospitals on the Chinese side for treatment.

Last year, China said it would resolutely protect its border with Myanmar after a stray bomb from a Myanmese aircraft dropped in a sugarcane field near Lincang and killed five of its citizens.

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