Super effort: Scallywag smashes Hong Kong to Hainan Race record

Lee Seng-huang’s 100 feet Super Maxi Scallywag sliced dual hours, 22 mins and 41 seconds off a prior Hong Kong to Hainan Race record on Friday.

The prior competition record of 25 hours, 54 mins and 33 seconds was set in 2014 by Karl Kwok’s TP52 Beau Geste. The new Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan competition record now stands during an considerable 23 hours, 31 mins and 51 seconds.

This is a second record of a deteriorate for Scallywag who recently pennyless a monohull record for a New Caledonia Race. From Sanya Scallywag will continue to Australia to take partial in a Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starting on Dec 26.

Scallywag’s owners Lee said: “We are intensely happy with a result. It was unequivocally severe out there final night, we are happy to have done it to Sanya protected and sound. We had sunshine, we had dark we had severe seas and clever winds. It was a good race. We are now unequivocally looking brazen to streamer to a Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race now!”

With a rest of swift carrying now gybed behind towards a rhumb line, a subsequent vessel approaching to arrive in Sanya is Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire. FreeFire is now tracking along a south-east seashore of Hainan with 60 nautical miles to go.

They are in now in row for a win in IRC altogether and a IRC 0, however usually 40 nautical miles behind is Anthony Root’s Custom Ker 42 Black Baza ,who is entrance in with some-more zephyr from offshore. Standard Insurance Centennial continues to make adult belligerent after they got held in some fishing nets final night, that can be a common occurrence in a South China Sea.

At a behind of a swift Ymir continues to move vigour down with them to a finish, with around 220 nautical miles to go to a finish

All boats will be carrying Yellowbrick trackers, that refurbish live tracking information during 30 notation intervals via a race, this can be noticed during

Fans can also take partial in a competition by who move a practical chronicle of a Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race, to armchair sailors around a world.

Enabling them to array their maritime skills opposite a genuine swift with a feed from a Yellowbrick tracker display a position of a genuine yachts overlaid on a practical competition screen. The plea will be negotiating a conditions; Sailonline uses roughly real-time continue downloaded from NOAA and a vessel production are deliberate to be a many life-like of any online simulation.

The competition is organized by RHKYC in team-work with a Bureau of Culture, Broadcast TV, Publication and Sports of a Sanya Municipal Government, with a finish hosted by Serenity Marina in Sanya, Hainan.

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