Suspects detained for counterfeiting sanitary pads in Chinese village workshop

Police in Jiangxi province have detained two suspects who allegedly made and sold more than 10 million shoddy sanitary towels across the country under famous domestic brand names, news portal reports.

The products, in packaging for well-known brands such as Sofy and Whisper, were made in a workshop in a village in Nanchang city without sterile facilities, authorities said.

One of the suspects, identified as Wan, came up with the idea of making easy money by producing counterfeit pads in 2013 after his bar business failed.

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Wan started the new business in the summer of 2013 with the help of his cousin and the latter’s relatives, renting two rooms in a high-end office building in the city and a workshop and two store houses in the village.

Authorities said the hygiene of the production line was “extremely bad” and the pads were likely to cause diseases.

The packs, which usually contained 10 sanitary pads, were sold to customers for about 10 yuan (HK$11.45), after being manufactured for just two to three yuan a packet and sold to retailers for four to five yuan a pack.

They were mostly sold at small grocery stores in rural areas of at least 14 cities across the country, according to sales records.

Wan was taken into custody last month in a residential community in Nanchang. The report was unclear about the identity of the other person detained.

An investigation is continuing.

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