Tax-exempt NATO, Afghan troops fuel sold

An AFP group witnessed first-hand justification hinting during how duty-free fuel unfailing for NATO and internal army is being sole commercially when an Afghan appetite central swooped unannounced on a Kabul oil repository final week.

Flanked by a cackle of assistants and bodyguards, a central examined a sheaf of etiquette papers from visibly shaken fuel tanker drivers, scouring a excellent imitation for any snippet of a unlawful use that traders have prolonged claimed is crippling a industry.

Among a papers from one motorist was a “maafinama” — a tax-exemption certificate for infantry fuel that cuts costs by around US$200 a ton — display fuel alien from Turkmenistan in a name of a Afghan interior ministry.

Only fuel firm for unfamiliar infantry as good as a invulnerability and interior ministries — obliged for Afghan infantry and troops — is exempted from tradition duty, following a confidence agreement between a supervision and NATO.

“What is this fuel doing in this market?” asked a official, station nearby outrageous cylindrical reservoirs in a repository that reserve fuel to blurb traders and fuel stations.

“That’s a large question,” he continued as he snapped cinema of a request and truck, pledging a full investigation.

He authorised AFP to accompany him during a investigation though requested that his name be saved for reserve reasons


No commodity is as critical to a reformation bid in war-ravaged Afghanistan as fuel — and nothing some-more during risk of being stolen, smuggled or squandered in a nation bedeviled by corruption, observers say.

Last year, some-more than one million tons of internationally saved infantry fuel was alien into Afghanistan, a financial method said, with a uncharged etiquette avocation estimated to be around US$100 million.

“The tradition avocation grant mechanism… (for) general army has led to abuse by fuel traders that allows them to illegally profit,” pronounced a new news by a Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC), that was seen by AFP.

The report, due to be expelled on Tuesday, pronounced 20 blurb companies were released tax-exemption certificates final year.

The routine to obtain “maafinamas” involves a firmly official focus complement that goes by a US military, NATO and a Afghan financial and unfamiliar ministries — though a request stays disposed to “misuse.F”

“Companies that possess legitimate grant forms have been famous to sell a strange to other companies,” a news said, explaining how infantry fuel was finale adult in a blurb market.

“(Also) after a etiquette dialect routine a grant paperwork, a companies that have been postulated grant forms re-sell a fuel.”

NATO pronounced it could not immediately comment, and a interior and invulnerability ministries did not respond to AFP’s queries.

Shafiq Qarizada, emissary apportion for customs, told AFP he “cannot endorse nor deny” either exempted fuel is soaking adult in a blurb market.

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