Three bootleggers arrested in southern China for faking foreign brand spirits

Three men were arrested in southern China in early August after they earned more than 1 million yuan (HK$1.17 million) selling fake alcohol, a Chinese news website reports.

The men from Hunan province, whose full names were not disclosed, had been making alcohol since March and selling it to liquor sellers in bottles with foreign brand labels, reported.

They were discovered by police in Guangzhou, Guandong province, filling bottles from mildewed plastic buckets in the early morning of August 9.

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They had been providing their product to clients three to four times a week, police said.

One of the suspects said he had been promised an annual salary of 40,000 yuan.

The site in where the alcohol was being made was in a secluded lane, with its windows covered over. There was a strong smell and wastewater in the room, the police said.

The suspects are in custody while investigations continue.

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