Tsai vows 20% rise in SE, S Asian students

Reiterating the “people-centric” agenda of her “New Southbound Policy,” Tsai vowed not only to seek a 20-percent increase in the number of Southeast Asian and South Asian students in Taiwan — to approximately 60,000 — but also to help them find jobs “so they can further sharpen their skills.”

Her pledge came during her opening remarks at the 18th Annual Conference on Southeast Asian Studies at National Chengchi University. Former Thailand Foreign Minister and Ambassador Kasit Piromya, AIT Director Kin Moy and President Edward Chow (周行一) of National Chengchi University were in attendance.

“No policy can succeed unless there are people who are equipped to carry it out,” Tsai said, promising to promote policies and programs that expand the flow of talent between Taiwan and the rest of Asia.

In addition to simplifying visa application procedures for a number of ASEAN countries, Tsai also told attendees that the Education Ministry’s NT$1 billion funds would enable second-generation Taiwanese to visit their parents’ home countries and to learn Southeast Asian languages, as well as to support more than 12,000 young Taiwanese to volunteer, work and study in Southeast Asia.

The funds will likewise expand scholarship programs for young people from Southeast Asia to study in Taiwan, she added.

AIT Director Kin Moy said during his opening remarks that the United States admires these contributions and continues to support further international space for Taiwan.

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