TSMC market cap ranked 48th largest worldwide

In a 2016 report on market cap, PwC Taiwan said TSMC was the only Taiwanese company that made the top 100 rankings, which were based on market capitalization in U.S. dollars as of the end of March.

TSMC’s market cap has increased by US$9 billion from a year earlier to US$130 billion, but its ranking has remained the same in 2016, the report showed.

In the report, PwC said the top 100 firms in the world saw their combined market cap fall 4 percent from a year earlier to US$15.58 billion, the first annual decline since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis.

The drop largely reflected an economic slowdown in both China and Europe, the accounting firm said.

U.S.-based companies accounted for 54 spots on this year’s market cap list, including the top 10, the report showed.

PwC said the U.S.’ strong showing reflected its innovation capability, financial strength and global expansion strategies.

The top 10 firms on the list were Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc. which is the parent of Google Inc.; Microsoft Corp.; Berkshire Hathaway Inc., controlled by investment guru Warren Buffett; Exxon Mobil Corp.; Facebook Inc.; Johnson Johnson; General Electric; Amazon; and financial giant Wells Fargo, in that order.

Although Apple remained at the top of the list this year, its market cap fell by an annual 17 percent, while Alphabet’s market cap rose 38 percent from a year earlier.

Meanwhile, European companies accounted for 19 percent of the total market capitalization worldwide and made up 24 of the listings in the 2016 rankings, according to the report.

A total of 11 firms in China and Hong Kong were listed among the top 100 in 2016, with a combined market cap of US$1.78 trillion, making up 11 percent of the world’s total.

PwC said the high-tech sector replaced the financial sector this year as largest category in the rankings.

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