Two Chinese women stunned to find intruder hiding underneath hotel bed ‘to escape debt collectors’

Two Chinese women were frightened to discover an intruder hiding under one of the beds in their hotel who claimed to be hiding from debt collectors, mainland media reports.

The two women, named Chen Li and Li Ling, discovered the mattress of one of their beds was often moving while relaxing in their room after checking into the hotel in Wuhan, in Hubei province, to look for work last Friday, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reported.

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After putting their bags in the room at 1pm they went shopping and returned at around 7pm.

Chen took a shower first, while Li was looking at her mobile phone in bed before Chen tried on clothes she had bought that afternoon as Li took photographs of her.

However Li noticed her mattress was often moving beneath her and initially thought it was because it was too soft.

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When she asked Chen to test the mattress by sitting on it too they were shocked when two hands suddenly appeared from underneath the mattress, followed by the head of the intruder, the report said.

He told them: “Do not be afraid. I am not a bad guy. I’m only hiding here to escape debt collectors.”

When Li dashed to the door to call for help, the man quickly left the room and disappeared down the stairs. A security guard arrived too late to catch the intruder.

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According to the hotel, the man had claimed to be accompanying Chen and Li, and was able to give the full name of one of the women to staff so that a hotel employee let him into their room while they were out.

The case is now under investigation.

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