Typhoon leaves several dead, dozens injured in Taiwan and mainland

A powerful typhoon has swept into Fujian after moving past Taiwan, leaving at least two dead, a third missing and dozens injured.

Mainland state media reported that one person was dead and one missing from Typhoon Meranti, which shattered windows in tall buildings and disrupted water supplies.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency said one person was killed and 44 were injured on the island by the storm. It said Meranti knocked out power in almost a million homes and water in more than 700,000.

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Meteorologists downgraded Meranti from a super typhoon to a tropical storm and said they expected it to fade further as it moved north.

Meranti battered the southeastern mainland with heavy winds and torrential rain, cutting power, ripping up trees and smashing windows. The typhoon, packing winds of 170km/h, made landfall around 3am near the city of Xiamen in Fujian province before heading inland, state media said.

Images from Xiamen showed flooded streets, uprooted trees and traffic signs torn from their posts by the violent winds.

Xinhua described the storm as the most powerful to hit the province in at least 67 years, with meteorological records only going back to 1949.

Local media described windows broken by flying roof tiles, fragments littering pavements and water supplies cut.

Schools and many businesses were already shut for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Xiamen’s utility providers said there had been power outages in most of the city, which is home to some 3.5 million people.

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Train services were disrupted throughout Fujian province, as well as in neighbouring Jiangxi province.

Officials had earlier urged people to stay at home and ordered ships to return to port as Meranti bore down on the mainland, having lashed Taiwan on Wednesday.

A 58-year-old Taiwanese fisherman died when he fell into the water after a vessel broke from its anchor.

Most of the other injuries were caused by falling objects.

Thousands of others were forced to flee their homes and around 350,000 households were still without power as of yesterday morning.

At the peak of the storm, more than one million households lost power.

The island was also bracing for the possible impact of another tropical storm, Typhoon Malakas, which was forecast to sweep past Taiwan’s east coast on Friday.

Agence France-Presse, Associated Press

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