Unique ‘Chinese knots’ overpass set to open in executive China

A large red overpass in executive China with a really special pattern is set to open to open really soon.

The 184-metre-long walking bridge, that connects dual parks on a banks of Longwanggang River in Changsha, Hunan province, is built to resemble Chinese knots, a China News Service reports.

Chinese knotting is a musical trade that is a partial of normal Chinese folk art.

The bridge’s looped pattern facilities 3 footpaths that breeze adult and down and join adult during 5 junctures.

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It was designed in this demeanour as a dual parks it connects had incompatible belligerent levels, according to Holland NEXT Architects, a organisation that designed a bridge. People can play hide-and-seek on it, a architects said.

Changsha authorities contend a bridge, whose stairs are about 15cm high, is quite for walking use. They are examining a overpass this week after a construction, that started dual years ago, was recently completed.

Residents have praised a overpass for adding cultured value to a surroundings, observant that a new constructions looks generally overwhelming when it is illuminated adult opposite a night sky.

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