We need some-more supervision support to sight full-time, says HK Paralympics star Alison Yu

Seven-time Paralympics bullion medallist Alison Yu Chui-yee has appealed to a supervision to yield some-more financial support for infirm athletes so they can aim for some-more excellence during a subsequent Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Wheelchair fencer Yu, one of a many successful Hong Kong Paralympians ever and a china medallist in a women’s particular foil (category A) in Rio, urged a supervision to set adult a new appropriation difficulty for full-time infirm athletes.

Yu returned to Hong Kong on Wednesday as partial of a 24-member Hong Kong patrol who came divided with dual gold, dual china and dual bronze medals from Rio, a misfortune outcome for Hong Kong during a Paralympics in terms of bullion award count and sum award total given a 1992 Games in Barcelona.

“I cruise a time to cruise full-time financial support for infirm athletes so that we can urge a formula during a Tokyo Paralympics,” pronounced Yu, who unsuccessful to win a bullion award for a initial time given creation her Paralympics entrance during 2004 Athens, where she clinched 4 bullion medals.

“What we have detected in Rio while we were there is that many infirm athletes are now training full time. These athletes not usually come from China yet from European countries.

“If we wish to stay rival opposite a counterparts, we have to follow a same trend and a exigency is some-more financial backing.”

All of Hong Kong’s infirm athletes possibly work full-time to acquire a vital or are students. They accept singular financial support from a Sports Institute as chosen infirm athletes underneath a Sports Aid Grant for Athletes with Disabilities (SAGD).

Yu, a connoisseur of a Chinese University, receives HK$6,000 underneath a tip turn of support of a scheme. She also receives another HK$2,000 stipend from a Social Welfare Department.

“These days, 8 thousand dollars is frequency adequate to committing to full-time training and a authorities have to cruise a new support intrigue to captivate some-more infirm athletes to sight full-time,” she said.

In comparison, tip Hong Kong athletes such as Sarah Lee Wai-sze receives around HK$30,000 from a Elite Training Grant underneath a Sports Institute.

The conduct of a Hong Kong delegation, Ng Chak-lin, pronounced a city’s formula from Rio were not enlivening even yet foe in Rio was during “an intensely high level”.

“We did know before a Games that it would be really tough as many European nations are investing a lot some-more on their athletes,” he said. “Our athletes are training on a part-time basement and their credentials lagged distant behind many Europeans and mainland athletes.

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