Woman car-hailing app driver robbed and killed in China, body dumped in river

A woman car-hailing app driver was robbed and killed by two of her passengers in eastern China, according to a newspaper report.

Police found her body riddled with knife wounds in a river in the Nanhu district of Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, on Monday, the Qianjiang Evening News reported.

Police officers were sent to the scene after receiving reports of an abandoned car near the river, with its doors open and bloodstains on its seats, the report said.

The woman, whose full name was not given, was a driver with car-hailing app Didi Chuxing in her spare time.

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The 49-year-old was robbed by two men, her passengers, after she had approached them for business earlier that night, according to the report.

Police tracked down the suspects in the city five hours after finding her body.

One suspect, aged 30, previously spent seven years behind bars for robbery. The other suspect, 18, was his colleague at a manufacturing plant, the report said.

The driver had approached the men near a bar at about 9pm on Sunday night and gave them her card if they needed a lift. The pair then called her around midnight on the pretext of needing a ride.

After boarding her car, they robbed her of 700 yuan (HK$788) in cash and a gold necklace, according to the report.

They also stabbed her several times and forced her to reveal her ATM password, the report said.

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The pair later withdrew 4,800 yuan from her bank account before dumping her body in the river, it said.

They initially planned to drive the car into the river as well, but abandoned it after it got stuck on the muddy river bank, according to the report.

Police advised women drivers to avoid touting for customers, especially late at night.