You’re fired: MetLife hands Snoopy and a Peanuts squad a pinkish slip

Snoopy has been handed a pinkish slip.

After 31 years (217 dog years) as a face of word hulk MetLife, a association pronounced Thursday that it is rising a new tellurian branding effort, imprinting a finish of a prolonged attribute with Charlie Brown’s beagle and a Peanuts crew.

“We brought in Snoopy over 30 years ago to make a association some-more accessible and receptive during a time when word companies were seen as cold and distant,” pronounced Esther Lee, MetLife’s tellurian arch selling officer. “Snoopy helped expostulate a business and served an critical purpose during a time.”

But MetLife is spinning off a domestic sell life word business to concentration some-more on corporate clients. Snoopy does not seem to reason a same selling strut with corporate America.