Zou Shiming’s tutor Freddie Roach slams ‘dirty’ competition Kwanpichit as universe pretension showdown is confirmed

Legendary tutor Freddie Roach indicted Thailand’s Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym of fighting unwashed on Tuesday as a universe pretension showdown with Chinese Olympic star Zou Shiming – revealed by a SCMP this week – was reliable in Las Vegas.

Roach, who trains Zou, pronounced he has warned a 35-year-old to beware bruising strategy from Kwanpichit when a dual boxers quarrel for a empty World Boxing Organization flyweight universe pretension on Nov 5 in Las Vegas.

Zou has beaten Kwanpichit once before, pummelling a Thai to better in an unanimous preference feat in Macau in 2014.

But Roach pronounced Kwanpichit, whose birth name is Prasitak Papoem, had resorted to underhanded strategy en track to that defeat.

“Prasitak might demeanour like Manny Pacquiao though he certain doesn’t quarrel like him,” Roach said. “He’s unwashed as hell.

“The final time we fought him, Prasitak was conduct butting and alighting low blows on Shiming via a fight.”

Second chance: Zou Shiming to quarrel for universe flyweight pretension in Las Vegas

Zou, meanwhile, is forgetful of alighting a first-ever veteran universe crown, carrying come adult brief in his prior pretension lean opposite Thailand’s Amnat Ruenroeng in 2015.

“Though my initial universe pretension quarrel was not as successful as we had hoped, we have focused even some-more on building and improving myself mentally and physically to accommodate a plea of fighting for another universe title,” Zou said.

Zou and Kwanpichit’s hitch will open an considerable undercard for Pacquiao’s quip hitch opposite Jessie Vargas during a Thomas and Mack Center, where a WBO welterweight climax will be adult for grabs.

Roach, who also trains Pacquiao, pronounced he designed to have Zou punch with a Filipino star as partial of his preparations for a bout.

“I’ll have Shiming punch with Manny when we get behind from Manila so we’re additional prepared,” Roach said.

Kwanpichit is unfazed by a awaiting of assembly Zou again, austere that he is a vastly softened warrior to a one comprehensively beaten by a 2008 and 2012 Olympic bullion medalist dual years ago.

“Zou is rated series dual and we am rated series three, though that is a usually thing that has remained a same from a initial fight,” pronounced Kwanpichit.

“I am a most opposite warrior than a male Zou fought in China dual years ago. we have knocked everybody out given that quarrel and we have grown elephant strength punching power. we demeanour brazen to avenging my usually loss.”

In another hitch reliable on a label Tuesday, Nonito Donaire of a Philippines will put his WBO youth featherweight climax on a line opposite Jessie Magdaleno of a United States.

Donaire, 37-3 with 24 knockouts, pronounced he had been operative good in training stay underneath new tutor Ismael Salas.

“We are training about any other and he’s instructing me on a some-more precise, compress approach of fighting while still being really explosive,” he said.

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